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Hotel Princess



The successful realization of the Hotel Princess in Jastrebarsko with 103 accommodation units. The project is based on the coordination and integration of all systems in the central technical room where HFC Group set up all active equipment. All active equipment is housed within 3 technical housings in a central technical room

The information network (fixed and wireless) was implemented with the equipment of the manufacturer Alcatel Send. The system consists of 400 IP connections and 55 APs.

The hotel's telephone exchange, together with IP telephones, was carried out with the equipment of the manufacturer Alcatel Send and room hotel telephones.

The IP TV Hotel was built with a digital antenna system with terrestrial and satellite signal transmission. The system is based on IP protocols, distribution of signals to TVs in the units located. All receivers, as well as the central IP TV system, are from the manufacturer LG Pro: Centric, which allows distribution of TV signals, radio signals, internet applications, greeting messages and advertising content of the hotel. The system is integrated with a digital antenna center and connected to the billing software.

The Digital Signage System was implemented with LG SuperSign Premium software.

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