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  • An intelligent control and automation systems is an implementation of the KNX technology in building a modern home, the basic purpose of which is significant energy saving, as well as security that includes high controlling comfort.
  • Consulting/Project development/Project control and realization.
  • The use of EIB-KNX technology in offices is an irreplaceable partner in your business. The savings that you make by using the facility management will reduce your business costs by half.
  • With our technology, we can make every space work better and smarter for you.
  • Offer your guests the greatest possible degree of comfort while keeping overall costs in mind.
  • In a home, a modern KNX installation increases the quality of life by allowing everyday building functions to be controlled easily, more comfortably and more safely.
  • Imagine entering your home: without a key, the doors open automatically, security system is deactivated, lights go on...