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Building automation systems are implemented through the KNX standard. The basic purpose of installing such a system is significant energy savings together with security, high comfort and simple everyday usage. KNX, an international standard in automation and control, is a technology that makes it easy to connect all elements of light systems, blinds and shutters, façade control, and HVAC systems, all the way to door communication systems, security systems and / or multimedia systems. According to the project, or the desire of investors, the building will be energy efficient, safe, comfortable, and aesthetically compatible with the architecture of the building. The main advantage of KNX technology is its stability; ease of handling and most importantly, virtually unlimited possibility of its implementation

Digital signage

Digital signage is a form of presenting different content on the screens. Active and interactive electronic display of content and information, that includes advertising and other messages on the all kind of screens, display windows, walls and other surfaces within the sales area or in any other location. It is a way of promoting that desired content or messages are delivered specifically at the selected location in the chosen time. The main characteristics are the adaptive management and distribution of content that is displayed at all locations; synchronously or individually (for the selected location, segment or screen). It is an interactive marketing tool for dynamically altering the contents, direct communication with customers or clients and attractive product presentation

A/V control

Handling Audio Video content is an important element in every business facilities. With the control and distribution of A/V content, every conference room becomes a comfortable workspace, which through easy handling provides a comfortable and efficient working environment. Whether you have a need for a simple video presentation or interactive work on the material, all the way to video conferencing A / V control is an essential element. By integrating A/V system together with automation system, each room can be controlled with predefined scenarios by pressing a single button from interactive applications designed to meet your needs.

Digital multiroom

Multi-zone system gives you ticket to unforgettable multimedia experience through your home audio/video system. All rooms in your home can give you unique experience by providing you with separate audio source settings, depending on your zone selection. The main unit in your system is multi-zone control unit - analog or digital amplifier with CD/BR player and radio, it has possibility to connect up to 32 room control units.
In addition to easy handling of audio and video content, as well as the option of choosing the picture and sound source for each zone separately, it is also possible to integrate the system with other devices in the home (such as controlling the level of brightness, the ability to display images from a video surveillance camera on any TV set , choose between multiple scenarios defined by customer, etc.).  Macro functions provide absolute control over multiple devices by pressing a single button. For example, the scenario “evening” starts a series of macro functions: lighting intensity is reduced down to 30%, electric shutters come down, the server runs playlist with predefined list of songs, projection screen is lowered and the projector starts with a picture from the Blu-ray player, etc.