HFC grupa

Historical monument enriched by modern technology


Medvednica is well-known as a wonderful place for relaxation which hides plenty of secret treasures such as Veternica cave.

HFC Group has enriched the existing Cave offer and program with modern technological solutions, providing visitors to get the complete atmosphere when going through the Cave's tunnels and halls. The Cave is divided into several zones which provide lighting and sound effects control. Passing by motion sensor will activate the zone and when leaving, the same zone is automatically switched off, in order to save energy and provide the minimum interference of animals, inhabitants of the Cave. In order to keep the authenticity of the Cave environment, all equipment is hidden behind the fake rocks and the speakers are designed in the shape of the stone so they fit into the environment perfectly. In order to keep this geomorphological nature monument safe, the video surveillance system is set.

Cave entrance
Stone shaped speaker
Motion sensor
Lighting and sound effects control
Cave''s hall
Distribution cabinet